Planning to visit Goa? And still searching for the best itinerary for your trip? Don’t worry, here’s the best one for you. Follow this 4 days itinerary experiencedly  made by “Harshal Agrawal“, who answered “How should I spend a 4 day trip to Goa?” on Quora. And make this trip a worth visiting one.
  1. Best days to enjoy a 4 day trip in Goa is from Saturday to Tuesday.
  2. Book a hotel near Anjuna/Calangute beach as most of the places worth visiting are nearby.
  3. The first destination on Saturday should be Baga Beach. Don’t forget to carry a volleyball, cricket kit along with you. Wait till sunset, have some beer, lie on the beach.
  4. The next destination after Baga Beach should be the Saturday night flea market. They have Russian/English music concerts, many varieties of small shops,  awesome food, bars(with DJ and dance floor). Enjoy till they close.
  5. After that just go to Anjuna beach, lie down and watch the awesome view of stars mixed with the sound of sea waves and music from nearby shacks. Being Saturday night, you might even get to see fireworks all around. OR you can just visit any of the pubs on Anjuna beach. Lilliput should be the first choice.
  6. The next day, the first destination should be Aguada Fort.
  7. Visit the Sinquerim Beach just next to the fort. It is a calm beach and a perfect place for Water Sports. They usually charge 1200/- for Banana ride, Parasailing and Water Scooter. (after bargaining)
  8. After that roam around in the Calangute area, get a temporary tattoo, go shopping.
  9. Dolphin sighting and other boat ride activities can also be an option.
  10. Next, without wasting any time go to a Casino. They usually charge 3000/- along with chips, food and drinks. Chances are you can win at least 1000/-. Being Sunday, the atmosphere and the crowd is going to be great. You might even spot a celebrity.
  11. Monday should start with Chapura Fort. (Remember Dil Chahta hai scene?)
  12. Subsequently, visit Arambol, Mandrem and Morjim Beach in sequence. You can even try surfing on one of these beaches.
  13. Monday night should end with a boat party. Visiting any of the pubs might also be an option. OR just lying on the beach, having fun with friends, and chilling. Ask for CURLIES on Anjuna.
  14. Tuesday can be spent visiting OLD Goa which is famous for Churches and Museums. Island trip can also be an option or Dudhsagar falls is a beautiful place to visit.
  15. Now, GOA tour should end with SHIVA VALLEY. Situated on Anjuna beach, this place is the must. It’s a whole different world. Won’t say more because ……. ITS THE BEST PLACE.!
Things to remember:on a serious note
  1. Remember to carry Sunscreen lotions along with you.
  2. Goa is safe. Even after Midnight.
  3. Water is itchy and waves are dangerous at some places, always be in view of your friends and coast-guard.
  4. Bikes on Rent usually cost no more than 300/- per day.
  5. Don’t do anything stupid.(You get what I mean)
  6. Don’t drink and drive.
  7. Don’t visit any of the infamous places. These places might disturb you if you are a decent human being.
  8. Don’t approach any of the Agents. THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM.
  9. You might find large fishes or crocodiles or even jellyfish in the water, so beware.
  10. Lastly do not carry your specs. Seriously.

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