Swacch Bharat


The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan endorsed by Prime Minister
Narendra Modi has gained nation-wide coverage. Politicians and celebrities alike
take to the streets with a broom in hand, to encourage people to keep their neighbourhoods
clean. While the idea is praiseworthy, is it really helpful? Why can’t we find
even a single dustbin in public places?
What we need to understand is the need to take the brooms in
hand. Why do people feel the need to litter streets with all sorts of waste?
The answer is simple. India does NOT have a proper waste disposal mechanism in
place. Would you throw waste on the road when you can see a dustbin nearby? Concerned
citizens such as yourself might keep wrappers with you to throw them in the
dustbin at home. But have you wondered what happens after that? Where should we
dispose the waste? I’ve seen many localities in which waste is collected and
disposed of just outside the said localities. As a result waste is accumulated
and acts as a breeding ground for pests and pigs. Cleaning the neighbourhood
after it has been littered is all well and good, but shouldn’t we concentrate
on preventing the littering. After all prevention is better than cure.
Waste disposal is one of the things that is worth copying
from the west. The government should take note and take steps to implement it
instead of useless propaganda. I know it is very easy to give suggestions, but
the situation in the country is that even those who care about cleanliness will
stop caring seeing the lethargy and indifference of fellow citizens and the government.


All I can do is urge all of you to take up this issue and
make demands of the government to set up a proper waste disposal structure. We
can only make India truly clean when all the citizens and the government work
together as one.

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