Friend’s birthday in summers? It’s what happens when you ignored the omens for choosing a friend, regardless of his date of birth.

Okay Okay! wittinesses apart.
So, it’s Rohit’s birthday, in the month of “humidity”, guess the month? No? Okay, leave it.
We used to plan our get-togethers usually on one’s birthday, but the internal-self of us being insatiable is more concerned with the treat which would throw by the crown holder of ‘Happy Birthday’, and this time, we had Rohit.
But the scorching temperature hasn’t allowed our lethargic mind to make any complex plans for the Birthday, but our stomachs wanted a plan.
Being held in a dilemma for around 2 days before the Birthday, at last, we decided to celebrate his Birthday at Smaaash, an entertainment hub.
Around 10 P.M the previous night of the Birthday, we five conferenced over phones to make the plan final for the next day. After hanging our phones, we booked our tickets for Smaaash via Nearbuy.
Buffet by Unforked Cafe + Bar


Ticket costs around ₹549 per person with 10-games access along with the buffet lunch, I must say, lunch was awesome, I ate the brownie thrice, ohh, it’s okay! I am not going to get fat in a day, only.
Okay, in total, we spent 6 hours at Smaaash, but the real fun came out in playing the virtual cricket simulation, which was not included in the aforementioned cost, but one of my ‘Richy-Rich’ friends bought the cricket ticket. And for a change, I couldn’t able to hit a single ball, which embarrassed me a bit, as I assumed myself to be a Dhoni or around that, but the things do not always happen to your assumptions, my inner mathematician spoke and consoled me.

That’s why, I think it doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether it’s wrong or right, just do it with your full enjoyment, and if you are facing difficulties in finding that enjoyment, then you must close this post and at least, WhatsApp your close friends Right Now! Go! and meet them, you’ll definitely gonna get that.

And if you are lucky enough to have such F.R.I.E.N.D.S, then do comment and tag your “Humid” Friend right here ;)And if you are planning to make a trip to Smaaash, then just E-mail me, I’ll get you a special cashback, just for your friends and you 🙂

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