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3 points that will change your life

Feeling lost in the clamour of the world? And you think you are much better than you pretend to be, with the outside world, then I hope these 3 points will help you to improve your “Be You” thing.

  • Stop finding the answer in others, do introspection.

change your life
Stop finding the answer in others, do introspection

As you read the topic of the article “3 points that will change your life“, you click the link and started reading the article in the hope that you could able to find the answers to discover your true self. This is what I am saying, do introspection rather than looking your problem’s solutions into others’ questions.

  • You’ll never able to satisfy the public, try to satisfy your ‘ownself’.

Think Good Things
If you really want to make a change in your life then you must have to make an effort to satisfy your own demands and terms, rather than wasting your time and energy to fulfil public’s demands from you.
Let’s assume, say, if you want to be a writer, who loves writing ghost stories, and you think that there is a more demand for romantic ones by the readers than the ghosty ones, at this stage you couldn’t able to choose the genre of your writing, and in reality, you ended up by just wasting your time and energy that you could use in writing stories in your areas of interest, which would satisfy your soul and make you happier.

  • Don’t give up your passion, it will bounce back with more velocity.

Paint yourself with your passion

“Practice makes the man perfect” – English Saying

You all have heard the above proverb in the course of the life, but in the real world, this proverb doesn’t hold right. Moreover, it is the passion accompanied with the dedication which makes the man perfect.
Let us see this with an assumption, say, your parents want you to join the swimming club this summers. You might be excited to learn it, as it will be the new skill in your cap, but on the same part, you might not want it as your career, obviously. Which means you don’t have the passion for swimming, you are just excited to learn a skill and that’s it. With this, if you join the club and practice it daily, then you may learn how to swim, but you will never be a Michael Phelps because he has the passion for swimming and you just have the passion for adding a new skill in the cap, mind the difference.

Comment your suggestions and queries below, we’ll solve it together 🙂

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