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 Black Stripes – An era of style

Black Stripes, a Fashion statement which came into existence since mid 19th century and now became a fashion Fiesta. People wear it like an attire of being an iconic style wear. Like recently Deepika Padukone, Bollywood style icon wore in her latest Photoshoot for an online clothing store, She looked so dazzling and charismatic in her outfit that makes every girl buy this Black stripe dress for her wardrobe.

Source: All About You

And with so obvious, new fashion style statement is always made by these Glamorous artists. Not only, Deepika but recently Parineeti Chopra had breathtaking Photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine in Black stripe dress in sailor look.

Photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Black stripe doesn’t only go as for dress but it can come in t-shirts, shirts, Pants. It can carry in various ways to own an iconic glamorous look.

Source: Huffpost

As this hasn’t developed in recent years but has a magnificent past which can mesmerise its existence. Since mid 19th century, it was first worn by French sailors in blue and white bars and later it made fashionable by Coco Chanel at the end of World War I. It was initially showcased by Parisian Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris, who has repeatedly included it in his fashion collections over a 40-year career.

Pierre et Gilles, Portrait of Jean Paul Gaultier 1990, painted photograph

Later on, the stripes are seen everywhere in shirts, Pants, dresses and uniforms on workers, Prisoners, students, and models. This is not utterly a fashion but an era of style who is being followed by many to become a fashion statement and an attire to become the most stylish appealing look to an individual.

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