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Make awesome designs on your clothing | At home

Bid farewell to Tie dye and greet ice dye: How to create this chic look by yourself

Material required: White piece of cloth, dye colours, ice cubes, container

There’s something so awesome about making a hand dyed stuff for yourself and your homies maybe. It’s a super creative way to add a blast of popping colours to your wardrobe and it’s so fun to do! Time to flaunt some talent in the form of your ice dyed cool summer Tees.

Add as many colours as you want for liquid, airy design or just one for a sophisticated look, that’s totally up to you.

Oh never tried dying..take a chill pill cause its ice dye and thus, as cool as the name is!

Step 1

Scrunch up the cloth(T-shirt, skirt or a scarf maybe) in whichever form or shape you want to and put it in a dish, a dish that allows water to drip as shown in the picture below.

Step 2

Cover the whole of cloth with ice cubes, as many as you wish to.

Step 3

Now comes the fun part! Drizzle the dye in any random direction or whatever pattern you like.Once you are done drizzling, let the colours settle on the ice cubes until they completely melt ensuring the dripping.

Step 4

Once the ice is melted, rinse your fabric until the water runs completely clear. I washed my fabric alone after it ran clear.

The fabric turns out to be great and no less than a beautiful colourful surprise of butterfly patterns.

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