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#The5AMClub – Benefits of rising early

#The5AMClub, an initiative by The Cycle Boy. It’s a series of blog posts which will uncover the benefits of rising early. So, turn on your notifications, because I’ll be posting #The5AMClub every Monday, which may motivate you to become a “morning person” (If you are a geeky Owl)

Benefits of rising early:

#The5AMClub - Benefits of rising early by The Cycle Boy

  • Synchronise your sleep with nature
    • It is simple if you are rising early (say, 5 A.M., when Sun rises) then you must be sleeping early at night, in this sense, your Circadian Rhythms match that of Earth’s rotation.
    • Circadian Rhythms/Biological Clock, once synced with that of Earth’s, will result in the better sleep cycle, cell regeneration, secretion of hormones, and will directly affect the body mechanism, which results in better growth of the body and brain, concurrently.
    • Fact: A study by Texas University in 2008 reveals, morning people have better CGPAs than the Night Owls. (Isn’t that interesting?)
  • Get your work done before the world rises
    • Rising earlier means, you are waking up earlier than almost 80% of the people around you, which further implies that you have no distractions, no phone calls, no emails, no social media and hence you may complete your work ’til the social turmoil begins.
    • Fact: Successful personalities utilise this “Extra” precious time, doing exercise, meditation, yoga and completing confidential works.
  • Get the benefit of your focused brain
    • 5 A.M. is the time when the brain has the best focus to do creative things. Hence, if one asked to write or prepare a presentation, then doing such creative stuff early morning will result in high-performance work and grades too.
    • Fact: Many renowned writers and artists do their work, early morning.

Stay connected with us, because there is a lot more to come about the Rising Early on #The5A.MClub, every Monday on The Cycle Boy.

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