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Turning 21 – Journey to explore and believe yourself

When you found one of those grey hair; when you realise that no one from your 400+ friends’ list will gonna help you out; when you wanted to play out like a child, but something restricts you, every time; when you start giving more time to your family rather than other worldly pleasures; when you start realising the fact that your parents are becoming older and weaker day by day; when you need to achieve something, that would make the life of your parents a worth-remembering one.

If you are also handling such circuitous phrases, then congratulations! You are turning 21.

It is that phase of one’s life when the person is facing a transition from the late pre-mature teens to early mature 20s. This is that part of one’s life when the person has already completed half of his/her Bachelor’s (we may have exceptions, please do not take it seriously, I truly understand your part, my dear MBBS Student(s)) and becomes more mature towards the life.

Start your day with light Yoga and Meditation:

Accepting the facts, we must have many responsibilities including studies, career plannings, bringing milk and eggs from the local store, helping parents with their smart phones’ struggles, giving sufficient time to our family, attending uninvited/self-invited guests, maintaining lasting relationship with our colleagues, fulfilling partner’s (if any) shopping/eating requirements and many more such duties that are so important that we couldn’t abjure.

In order to tackle those happily, it is recommended to do light Yoga and Meditation before you start-off your day. This practice will keep the mind fresh and ready to take up the upcoming challenges.

Yoga may include light exercises followed by meditating the mind into thoughtlessness phase. This could be carried out in a park or a place which is far away from the day to day clamour and including mobile devices.

Turning 21 The Cycle Boy

Live your life for yourself:

During this transitory phase, many of us become more conscious about the thought, “What will people think?” and dedicate most of the time in improving the outer crust rather than the inner soul, which leads to the social negligence due to lack of self-motivation, which ultimately leads to the state of “Nothingness” in one’s life.

Instead of finding a path, develop yours! And trust me, this path will have only one competitor, and guess who? It’s “You”, where you have to fight with yourself (Easy naa? You must be knowing your weaknesses to beat yourself)

The 20s for your parents:

This is the happiest (because one is gaining maturity and becoming an eligible adult) and the saddest (because of seeing parents becoming weaker and older as passing days) phase of one’s life. Here, I commend to those who spend time with their families and listen to their needs, even if one doesn’t want to.

One of the benefits of being connected with your parents and grandparents is, you’ll get to know about various experiences and tactics which you could apply to your ongoing life, in order to make decisions more accurately and maturely.

Ending Note:

I’ll just mention that no one will gonna stay forever, it’s the phase of which you live and exist, so why can’t make this small phase, of what we call a “Life”, a worth living one for our families and related persons. If you still don’t get the motivation then go outside on your veranda and see the little birds making their fullest effort to fulfil the needs of their offsprings. Did anyone tell them to do the same? No! it’s a sense of responsibility and maturity that makes this happen.

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