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Homemade Samosa Chaat

Innovations are everywhere, you just need to investigate it a bit.

With this enthusiasm, I always give a try to new things, and this time I have encountered with Samosa Chaat, I must say, “The Samosa Chaat”. Which I ate in my office’s cafeteria during my Summer Internship. This is not a high-class dish, instead, it’s an easy to make recipe which can be prepared within 5 minutes (if you have the prerequisites). So, let’s get on the field (kitchen).

Things Needed (For one serving):

  1. One Samosa (Obviously)
  2. Curd
  3. Castor Sugar
  4. Chopped Onions
  5. Chutney (Red and Green; These will come along with your Samosa)
  6. Plain Bhujia and Chaat Masala (For topping/taste)
  7. Milk


  1. Take a small quantity of Milk and add Castor Sugar in it. Mix the solution. (Milk should be less in quantity, just for a sake of Sugar’s dilution)
  2. Mix curd with the sweetened milk. (This will make the curd mixture sweeter and creamier)
  3. Now in another container, mash the Samosa and add the Curd mixture over it.
    Samosa Chaat The Cycle Boy
  4. Sprinkle chopped onions and Chaat Masala over the mix.
    Samosa Chaat The Cycle Boy
  5. Pour both the Chutneys along with the Plain Bhujia over the mixture.
    Samosa Chaat The Cycle Boy
  6. Done! It’s ready to eat/serve.
    Samosa Chaat The Cycle Boy

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