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Develop yourself, even if you don’t have the skills

Suit up! Tie there? A gentleman ready.

Words that strike when you are getting ready, early in the morning in order to compete others and become the best salesman among them.

But I have applied for the Analyst!!
Yes, a salesman. Who sells nothing, but himself!

Who are you, buddy? Why are you competing with other salesmen?
I am a graduate, from tier one College. And I have applied for the post of Analyst, why are you keep on beating around the salesmen’s thing? I haven’t na!

From tier – I College? Congratulations!! But you’ll still gonna be a salesman? Who sells nothing, but himself.
Bro, just imagine you can do a lot more than being a “salesman” under the profile of an Analyst. You can be the master of your own, you can even start a firm and hire others. But wistfully, you have chosen to be a salesman, a high paying “salesman” (Tier – I, right?).

Hello?? Who the hell are you? And stop saying me, “salesman”, I am going to be the top Analyst.
I hope you may become the one. But how would you gonna become an Analyst? Because of your skills? Bro, they have Group Discussion as one of the first filter rounds. Yes, GDs!! And I don’t think with the GDs as the entry level round would help you to even showcase your skills to them, isn’t true? I know that you are well prepared for the job’s profile, you even have the cent GPA to ace the firm’s top position. But in the course of gaining the core knowledge, you forgot to enhance your marketing skills (to sell yourself). Which of course, may lead to the rejection, at the very first level of the recruitments. Sad?

Yeah. You are right. But? What’s now then?
I hope you could able to learn the marketing skills too, but no problem!
So, you have the core knowledge, right? Great! First of all, create your online presence, buy a domain, start a YouTube Channel, a Podcast or even an Udemy course. Start allowing the people to use your piece of knowledge and learn things that you already knew. Declare a drop! Start developing yourself as a whole, but remember, always try to focus on your strengths and not particularly on your weaknesses. I know it might sound weird, strengthen your strengths but not particularly your weaknesses, hmm, okay follow this example.

In a cricket team, there are two pace ballers. One day they noticed that despite their good performances, they are always considered after the all-rounder’s performance (another guy in the team). After that day, the first baller starts focusing more on its strength i.e balling and the other start focusing on its weakness i.e batting, in order to become an all-rounder and gain the fame. After few months of practising, the first baller becomes the best of the team’s but the second one becomes an average batsman along with a poor baller (due to lack of practice). Got the hack?

So, try to strengthen your strengths and become the master of that, even if you are poor at one, you are still the best in your area.

As you start publishing your work in public, and if you have the relevant knowledge of the same, then you’ll surely gonna get the best result of your hard works.
Now what? Once you’ll get the start, it’s the companies’ ache to find your contact and propose you to work with them.

Got the job? Done!

But at this level, you don’t require one, right?

The way here requires a lot of hard work and skill to a particular niche. If you are ready to adhere to these toils, in order to get the respect for your work, trust me, you’ll be going to be an Ace! Else, start finding a soft skill development course and start developing the “Marketing skills”, to sell nothing, but yourself.

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