5 Ideas To Surprise Your Partner This New Year’s Day

We are sure a gift would be better when it comes as a surprise rather than the expected one, but in these years we have discovered the responses are definitely different. Hence, this New Year’s day give your partner a unique surprise.
If you would pass the sweet shop & call your loved one to see if s/he likes something to have, s/he would always say yes & will be incredibly appreciative while receiving it.
But if you stop by a sweet shop or bakery without telling him/her, & then surprise him/her later, then there would be sudden change: you would be the greatest partner!

We are sure that you want to surprise your loved one, depending on his/her enjoys. But here are some ideas to get some creative gifts for partner’s flowing.

Source: Omari MC

1. Create a music video. Even if you do not have an artsy bone in you, still you can do this!
Some free sites such as Animoto & Slide provide you all those tools that you need. All you have to do is to take the time to collect some of the favourite photos of your partner & select the right song.

thecycleboy new year
Source: Omari MC

2. King for one day. Spend the entire day by anticipating your partner’s wants. This would definitely blow his/her mind! What are his/her favourite dishes? What does s/he love to see after coming home? If s/he will write down his/her perfect and memorable day for you, then what would be mentioned on that list? Think about it & then do as many things from that list as you can.

3. Dedicate your partner’s favourite song to him/her on the radio. An old but good surprise s/he would have never expected! This one would require some planning & possibly an hour or more of calling over & over to the local radio station. But just imagine how much you are going to make him/her blush and happy when s/he would hear his/her name over the radio. Just make sure s/he is listening to the radio at that time when the dedication will come on.

4. Exchange the obligation for a date. Ask your partner to do the mundane work of picking up the milk from your local store. And surprise him/her at that store with the tickets to some movie s/he has been wanting to watch or get the tickets for any show, & whisk him/her away for that special date night.

thecycleboy new year
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5. Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner. Throw the dinner party & invite almost all of his/her favourite people to come and celebrate with you – even for no specific reason. It might be your in-laws, some closest friends, or his/her colleagues s/he would enjoy having the party with & who love him/her enough.

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