Common Cold: And its common remedies

The most common ailment that affects most of the people during the period of seasonal variation is Common Cold. Common cold is caused due to virus or I should say over 200 different viruses, to be specific. And unfortunately, we have no medicinal treatment of common cold. So what actually […]

3 points that will change your life

Feeling lost in the clamour of the world? And you think you are much better than you pretend to be, with the outside world, then I hope these 3 points will help you to improve your “Be You” thing. Stop finding the answer in others, do introspection. Stop finding the […]

3 ways to impress anyone | College students

College life means, learning new things, studying for your career and most importantly, building new networks. To build long lasting networks, we eventually need to impress the person with whom we want to build the relationship. These 3 ways would help you to impress anyone. Always, appreciate in the public […]

Forget about cashback, Here’s “Databack” in the town!

In our real world we have offers and cashback which make our shopping frantic, but what about our digital world? So here’s something fizzy. Think of an Application that provides with recharges on the basis of your mobile data usage (i.e 2G,3G,4G), Exciting? Here is Databack in the town. As the […]

Four Days In Goa | Your Planner

Planning to visit Goa? And still searching for the best itinerary for your trip? Don’t worry, here’s the best one for you. Follow this 4 days itinerary experiencedly  made by “Harshal Agrawal“, who answered “How should I spend a 4 day trip to Goa?” on Quora. And make this trip a worth visiting one. […]

Colored Dart Boards At Metro Stations, Ever Wondered?

Have you ever noticed the colored dart boards like hangings on the ceiling of metro stations? If you are a frequent commuter, then you must have seen this, inside the stations many times.  Generally, these disks are installed, where flocks of the pigeons are known to frequent. In order to […]