5 Ideas To Surprise Your Partner This New Year’s Day

We are sure a gift would be better when it comes as a surprise rather than the expected one, but in these years we have discovered the responses are definitely different. Hence, this New Year’s day give your partner a unique surprise. If you would pass the sweet shop & […]

Common Cold: And its common remedies

The most common ailment that affects most of the people during the period of seasonal variation is Common Cold. Common cold is caused due to virus or I should say over 200 different viruses, to be specific. And unfortunately, we have no medicinal treatment of common cold. So what actually […]

Turning 21 – Journey to explore and believe yourself

Turning 21 The Cycle boy

When you found one of those grey hair; when you realise that no one from your 400+ friends’ list will gonna help you out; when you wanted to play out like a child, but something restricts you, every time; when you start giving more time to your family rather than […]

Know your blogger – In Conversation with VForVeggie

Know your Blogger Vforveggie The Cycle Boy

In this second blog of the series, “Know your blogger“, I have Shubhneet from V_For_Veggie along with me for an exclusive interview for this series. Let’s dive into his life a bit. 😉 Me – First post on Instagram Shubhneet – My first Instagram post was one with my friends, […]

Know your blogger – In Conversation with Hungrydilliwaali

With the very first interview of the series, “Know Your Blogger“, I bring out the one and only, Hungrydilliwaali aka Neha with me. Hello, Neha! 😛 I tried to ask all the possible questions, that an avid follower could ask to our Hungrydilliwaali, and Neha answered all of those in […]

Refresh your mind and body with these “Summer Refreshments”

Things to eat this summers by The Cycle Boy

The scorching heat of summer makes everyone ruthless to survive in Delhi. The temperature rises proliferating day by day. People don’t go outside their houses in this summer as rising of temperature indicates the global warming which is at its threat to act like a demon on earth. Now, the […]

#The5AMClub – Benefits of rising early

Benefits of rising early by The Cycle Boy

#The5AMClub, an initiative by The Cycle Boy. It’s a series of blog posts which will uncover the benefits of rising early. So, turn on your notifications, because I’ll be posting #The5AMClub every Monday, which may motivate you to become a “morning person” (If you are a geeky Owl) Benefits of rising early: Synchronise your […]

Make awesome designs on your clothing | At home

Bid farewell to Tie dye and greet ice dye: How to create this chic look by yourself Material required: White piece of cloth, dye colours, ice cubes, container There’s something so awesome about making a hand dyed stuff for yourself and your homies maybe. It’s a super creative way to […]

The Other Side Of Gurgaon

Gurgaon or Gurugram, One of the top high-tech cities of India. The city is usually known for its world-class shopping complexes and MNCs. But there is another side of This Concrete Jungle, of which most of us are oblivious. Yes, it’s The Green Side of Gurgaon, ‘The Aravalis’. Aravali, the oldest mountain range […]

Men’s Summer Fashion : 7 style essentials

Don’t be surprised gentlemen, you read that right! Since summer is already in full swing, it’s time to stock your wardrobe with cool, breezy items. And so, we found 7 amazingly trendy summers dressing up ideas for you, all under 2000 bucks that will make you look super stylish while […]