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Making Healthcare Affordable and Sustainable | IIHMR Jaipur

‘Making Healthcare Affordable and Sustainable is India’s Biggest Health Challenge’ Say Health Experts at IIHMR University’s, Jaipur Conference They stress that there can be no development without good health Need to shift focus from ‘traditional healthcare’ to ‘well-managed healthcare’ By 2030 non-communicable diseases will be 75% of the total disease burden Institutions must focus on […]

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PIXEL’O’MEDIA | Innovative developers, creative designers.

A one-stop solution for brands and businesses, to help them grow, nurture and reach the pinnacles. –PIXEL’O’MEDIA Mr. Bhupesh Mathur founded PIXEL’O’MEDIA with the dream of having a platform that would meet the need, from developmental to branding a business or a brand, in a single run. And in the course of a year, PIXEL’O’MEDIA has achieved […]

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