Develop yourself, even if you don’t have the skills

Develop yourself, even if you don't have the skills The Cycle Boy

Suit up! Tie there? A gentleman ready. Words that strike when you are getting ready, early in the morning in order to compete others and become the best salesman among them. Salesman? But I have applied for the Analyst!! Yes, a salesman. Who sells nothing, but himself! Who are you, […]

Turning 21 – Journey to explore and believe yourself

Turning 21 The Cycle boy

When you found one of those grey hair; when you realise that no one from your 400+ friends’ list will gonna help you out; when you wanted to play out like a child, but something restricts you, every time; when you start giving more time to your family rather than […]

The untold story of the Introverts

Introvert, in a nutshell, a person who likes to being alone, rather than in an uproar. People usually misinterpret us, that we are shy and we don’t want to get socialised. But in reality, introverts love to meet new geeks and also want to gain more knowledge about new things […]